Founder Lawrence Williams

Lawrence Williams grew up in the inner city. In 2008, Lawrence had a life changing experience with God when He called the former drug dealer out of the streets. God saved him through the love of Jesus. Since that time, he has been devoted to his divine assignment to see our communities throughout the region freed from the grip of the enemy.

Lawrence Williams is no stranger to the streets. He grew up on the east side of Knoxville, Tennessee and started dealing drugs when he was just 15 years old. God has allowed his past experiences to connect him with those who others may not be able to reach.

Lawrence is a man of faith and gives all of the glory and praise to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for saving his life. He believes that if he can help change a life for Christ, it makes this journey all the more worthwhile.

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The Problem

The streets are getting worse. Drugs and alcohol divide up families. Youth get sucked into gangs since they don’t have a place to call home or activities to be part of. Violence and gun shooting breaks out over petty arguments. Youth run and have no where to go. We want to be place where they come in time of need and danger.

Solution: Our Vision

Safe Haven House

Teen Center

Outreach Programs


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